The HCDT Navigator is a comprehensive and simple-to-use tool designed to help organisations gain valuable insights on their Human Capital (HC) maturity. Through a self-administered questionnaire, the tool will process your organisational context and identify key HC interventions that will create the most impact to your business.

A Holistic Approach for Self-Diagnostic


Organisation Priorities

What do you want to achieve in the next 3-5 years?


Today’s State

How are you doing now?



What can be done to create the most impact?



Measures the maturity of 11 Process Areas across Human Capital using a 4-stage maturity model



Highlights specific HC process areas to focus on, in comparison to sector benchmarks and recommended levels



Self-administered questionnaire that may be taken multiple times to measure success of HC interventions across time


Call to Action

Clearly conveys the impact of HC interventions to leaders to help them achieve organisation priorities


The HCDT uses a 4-Stage maturity model. At each successive level of maturity, the HR function improves its functional efficiencies, talent management capabilities, organisational capabilities, and business impact. The higher an organisation’s maturity stage, the more sophisticated its processes and practices, and the better positioned it will be in meeting business challenges.

HCDT Navigator was developed to offer flexibility through a self-administered questionnaire, whilst still allowing organisations to obtain key HC recommendations based on their business priorities and growth stage.

The key differences are:

  1. Under HCDT Professional, a qualified Assessor is assigned to bring you through the entire process from conducting strategic discussions with your CEO to sharing report findings and giving recommendations.
  2. Under HCDT Professional, your organisation may take part in an optional Human Capital Perception Survey (HCPS).
  3. HCDT Professional provides more contextualised recommendations that are more specific and tailored to your organisation’s context and strategic priorities as assessors are able to hear from you first-hand, compared to the recommendations generated by the system under HCDT Navigator.

To understand more, please click here.

HCDT Navigator is a suitable tool for both small and medium enterprises as well as large enterprises in understanding their human capital maturity in a comprehensive manner and receiving recommendations for improvement in the context of key organisation priorities.

However, we would recommend for large enterprises to take the HCDT Professional so that an Assessor may meet the various stakeholders in the organisation, e.g. business leader and the various specialists across different HR domains, and facilitate the information gathering process. Assessors may then provide recommendations that are more specific and tailored to your needs. Enterprises may first take the HCDT Navigator first before deciding whether to proceed with the HCDT Professional. To find out more about HCDT Professional, click here.

Currently, HCDT Navigator is still free of charge. Organisations may take the tool by registering on our website independently or as part of a government initiative.

You, the Business Leader or HR Manager, will need to input your organisation details before completing questions on 10-11 HC process areas. A report tailored to your organisation context will be made available to you at the end of the process. Upon request, you will also receive a free call from one of our qualified Assessors to go through the key report insights with you as well as the next steps you may wish to explore.


If you have any questions during the questionnaire, you may email hcdiagnostics@ihrp.sg.

You should take approximately 1h for the entire process, of which 30 – 45 min will be for completing the HCDT Navigator survey.

Prior to taking the survey, you may wish to:

  • Decide on who should be involved
    • You should ensure that Business Leaders and HR Managers have bought-in into the process, so that you may obtain the appropriate support to implement the relevant HC interventions for the business after taking the survey.
    • You may also wish to reach out to the subject matter experts of individual HC process areas in your organisation, to complete the relevant sections of the HCDT Navigator questionnaire.
  • Gather information on the organisation strategy and priorities for the next 3-5 years.

Please write to hcdiagnostics@ihrp.sg if you require an Assessor to reach out to you to schedule a free call to help you understand the report and your next steps. To prepare for the call, you, the Business Leader or HR Manager should read through the organisation report, and think about the key HC process areas that you would like to focus on that would best enable you to meet your business priorities or goals. You should also set aside approximately 30 min to 1h for the call.

We recommend using Google Chrome to ensure that you get full use of the system.

Using insights from HCDT Navigator, you may decide to focus on a few selected areas to improve your HC maturity or advance your organisation priorities. You may then wish to explore these next steps:

  • Get more out of the HCDT: Find out how your employees experience human capital practices through a Human Capital Perception Survey when you take the HCDT Professional. More information may be found here.
  • Get external help: If you are unsure of how to address your organisation’s HC challenges or would like to seek professional advice in creating and implementing the best HC solutions for your organisation, you may engage a consultant through us. Explore schemes and grants with your servicing agency to support your HC initiatives.
  • Measure your improvement: Take the assessment again 6 months later or after you have implemented initiatives to see if you have improved.
  • Upskill yourself: Assess our list of programmes, training courses and self-help guides to help you implement your HC interventions and better position yourself to create a larger business impact
  • Become certified: Become an IHRP Certified Professional with us and expose yourself to networking and learning opportunities on best HC practices.


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